Laszlo and Lexi are invited Artists at JoMar Visions Studios Gallery, Fotofest 2018

Lexi and Laszlo are invited Fine Art Photographic Artists at newly reorganized JoMar Visions Studios Gallery (5249 Langfield Rd. Houston TX 77040) (link) for the “Future of Humanity” Fotofest 2018 exhibition. We will be there on March 17, 18 and 23. See the link.

JoMar Humanity Fotofest 2018.jpg

Six of Lexi’s selected images will be exhibited from her Portfolios. Enjoy few of Lexi’s exhibited color images:

Lexi_Nemeth After_rain_weba.jpg_LEX1773_dN_DMa_weba.jpgANemeth_Plant_Lillies_weba.jpggolden reflection1_weba.jpgNemeth_Alexandra_World in a Drop_weba.jpgNEMETH Alexandra-A2-Lotus_weba.jpg

Enjoy few of Laszlo’s large format film based photographs selected from his “Hair of the Cherokee Woman” and “Giants” Portfolios:

HCP_Little River Midle Logsite_vdSFa_weba.jpgCataract Falls 4x5_color_neg_NNSFaa_weba.jpgLittle River Miidle narrow bridge Fotofest PixSil_2018_weba.jpgPineFernZumwaltMeadows_1_pos_bw_weba.jpgElCapitanFrontView_1_pos_bw_weba.jpgSequoia_pinkflowers_1_pos_bw_dN_weba.jpg

The Fotofest biennial is a prestigious photographic event which comes around once every two years. We are very proud to once again be one of the offciial participating spaces and his year’s event at joMar Visions will be titled “The Future of Humanity”. The interpretations are endless, but just imagine what your concept is of the future of humanity?

Contemplate man’s continuing symbiotic and increasingly competitive relationship with nature, the animal kingdom and the face of the planet. Think of modern technology, and the ways in which the abilities and even the very makeup of humanity is changing over time. The future of humanity is affected by many things, and represents the saga of one of the planets most important species. The artists create their visions based on the theme, however tangential or direct, and show the world what it means to them. Where do you think we are headed? What lessons do the past hold which may in fact foretell one possible future or another? The choices are endless!

– Best Local Fine Art
– Free & Open to the public
– Plenty of on site Parking
– Complimentary Hors d’Oeuvres
– Drinks served by @AR Bartending Service


Chris Minamyer
Jeremy Baker
Laszlo Perlaky
Lexi Nemeth
Samantha Collins
Tamar Tcholakian


Rikki Mitman- Studio 1
Solomon Akande- Studio 2
Martin Vazquez- Studio 2
Duke Johnson- Studio 3
Marguerite Baldwin- Studio 4
Marie Casamayor-Harvey- Studio 5
Eduardo Martinez- Studio 6
Aaron Simpson- Studio 7
Lance McNeel- Studio 8
Adrienne Rawlings- Studio 9
Julia Misley- Studio 10A
Crystal Lallego- Studio 10B
Vanja Fetahagic- Studio 11
Nico Whittaker- Studio 12
Jesse Casas- Studio 13A
Traevon Calligan- Studio 13A
Aria- Studio 13A
Gretchen McDaniel- Studio 14
Angela Hoang- Studio 15
Mark Roden- Studio 16
Joana Esteves- Studio 16
Felipe Esparza- Studio 16
Cary Fagan- Studio 17

— with Marguerite Baldwin, Martin Vazquez, Vanja Fetahagic and 21 others at JoMar Visions.

Comments from e-mails and Facebook:

  • Wow, this is great. Will you be there all days? Thanks, Joe (Joe Aker)
  • Congratulations to the both of you. David (David Lobato)
  • Congratulations! It looks like a great show! Am out of town again this weekend but will try to come by on the 23rd. Aileen (Aileen Harding)
  • Congratulations, Laszlo and Lexi! Garry (Garry Watson)
  • Congratulations Lazlo and Lexi B. (Bob Schwartz)
  • Congratulations, Laci and Lexi! You are both amazing! (Ben (Dr. Ben Valdez)
  • Fantastic! Ron (Ron Fontenot)
  • Congratulations! Great photos. . . wish we could be there! (Susan Harlin)
  • Very nice Laszlo !! (Steve Sherman)
  • Congratulations!!!! Beautiful photographs! Wish we could make it. Hope you have a great exhibit and a big turnout. JB (JB Harlin)
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Laszlo and Lexi images at Pixel+Silver Group Show during Fotofest 2018

Come and see the wide variety of images presented by the Pixel+Silver Group at 1100 Louisiana St., Houston, TX 77002. We will be there during the Opening Reception on March 15, 2018.


Enjoy Lexi’s color “Sunset Fire in the Forest” and Laszlo’s large format film based monochrome “Little River Middle Falls” exhibited images:

Sunset fire Fotofest PixSil 2018_weba.jpgLittle River Miidle narrow bridge Fotofest PixSil_2018_weba.jpg


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Quiet “Through the Lens” walk at Brazos Bend State Park on Saturday

Laszlo as Volunteer Emeritus, led his “Through the Lens” monthly free photo walk at Brazos Bend State Park on March 3, 2018 from 3 PM – 6 PM. Eight of us explored the Red Buckeye Trail, looked for blooming Red Buckeye, textured tree barks, fresh spring colored leaves, dried grass, and other great close up subjects. The weather was overcast, peacefully quiet, and only few people were on this trail. We walked slowly, wondered and enjoyed the beauty of spring. The rain started to sprinkle when we walked back, but we all enjoyed the outing, took few nice pictures and were happy.

Enjoy few of Laszlo’s images taken there yesterday afternoon:


Enjoy Lexi’s selected images taken on this photo walk:


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Lexi and Laszlo Winning Images at HPS Print Competition February 2018

The Houston Photographic Society’s (HPS) monthly print competition was held at the Tracy Gee Community Center on February 27, 2018. The submitted images were anonymously critiqued and the winners were selected by retired professional photographer Frank Kreipe. Lexi’s “Three Cranes” received 1st place in the Color category Gold level and Laszlo’s “Spider” image received 2nd place in the same category and level. Laszlo’s other image, “Rock Wall”, photographed with his large format film camera at Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, was selected for 2nd place in the B&W category Gold level. Enjoy our wining images.


Frank is a Professional Photographer, who received his Diploma in professional scientific Photography at Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA. After working at the Navy, he started to work at the VA Hospital in Houston TX. as a scientific and medical illustration photographer with expertise in Science, Fine Art, Landscapes, Nature and Design Elements. After 34 of dedicated photography work, and department leadership, he retired, and teaches photography. His wive Rachel Kreipe is not just a wonderful partner, but a highly acclaimed fine art painter, who influenced Frank’s artistic vision many ways. We were happy to have Frank as a reviewer at the HPS Print competition.


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