Laszlo’s images in Bordeaux, France

I just received the news from Jean-Jacques Milan, one of the organizers of the 10e Salon Internacional Photo-phylies 2017 (Bordeaux, France) world-wide nature photography contest. Three of my submitted images were in the final and selected for exhibition at the Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux, France.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9-c15.42.50 PM.png

Enjoy my exhibited images (“Memento (Burned Pine Trees)”; “Aspens of Gunnison”; “Dogwood”)

PERLAKY Laszlo A4 Memento_weba.jpgPERLAKY Laszlo B2 Aspens of Gunnison_weba.jpgPERLAKY Laszlo B4 Dogwood_weba.jpg

Comments from email and Facebook:

  • Congrats!!!!  Great work, as always. Dion (Dion McInnis)
  • Congrats. Beautiful. (Dr. Robert Davis)
  • L, the color image is stunning.  May be one my favorite images you have shown.  Both landscape and abstract at the same time.  Where was it taken?  Really great.  Regards and congratulations.  Joe (Joe Aker, Aker Imaging)
  • Not bad, dawg.  I can say I knew you before you were a world photography figure. (Louis Vest)
  • Fantastic!!!! Congratulations Milton (Dr. Milton Finegold)
  • Oszinte szivbol gratulalunk az ujabb nemzetkozi palyazati sikeredhez, es elsosorban a kiallitott kepekhez. Nagyon mives darabok. Gyozoek (Dr. Horvath Gyozo)
  • Wow, that is very cool – congratulations. love d (Daniel Perlaky)
  • Congrats Laszlo! Love the three images and especially the first one with the pines on a slope contrasting the shades of grays of the trees and shadows with the yellow and light green vegetation in the background. Best regards (Humberto Ribera)
  • Congratulations. (David Lobato)
  • Nice work! Congratulations! (R.J. Phil)
  • Congratulations, my friend. What an honor! (Dr. Ben Valdez)
  • Congratulations, Laszlo (Geoffrey Koslov)
  • Congratulations! Do you get to go to the opening? But you are getting exposure and wonderful recognition…   (Dr. Joan Hurwitz)
  • Oh my, these are so lovely, especially the dogwoods! (Dr. Holly B. Lindsay)
  • That’s fantastic Lazlo, congratulations. The images are beautiful! (Dr. Stacey Berg)
  • Congratulations, Laszlo — they’re beautiful! Deborah (Deborah Bay)
  • Congratulations excellent work. (John Duggan, Hunt’s Photo)
  • Beautiful! donna (Donna E. Perkins)
  • Congratulations!!  I don’t think I have seen the flower Dogwood before.  Beautiful! (Rachel Burychka)
  • Congratulations!  You’ll have to go to Bordeaux to see them. (Robert Warren)
  • Congrat’s – john (John Lowen)
  • Wow, incredible!!! Congratulations Laszlo!!! What a great recognition.  Beautiful images. Best, Ricky (Dr. Ricardo J. Flores)
  • Laszlo, Congratulations on this honor. I’m glad I bought some of your work before you became world famous!! Sharon (Dr. Sharon Plon)
  • Congratulations! Those are superb images! Great work as always! (Peter Wnek)
  • Congratulations! David (David J. Kerr)
  • Thanks fantastic…congratulations! Michael (Dr. Michael Scheurer)
  • Beautiful pictures! Congratulations Laszlo Leonard (Dr. Leonard Goldberg)
  • Congratulations! The three images are beautiful. Warm regards, Keila (Dr. Keila Enitt)
  • Congratulations Laszlo!  Beautiful images! Jo-Anne (Jo-Anne White)
  • Beautiful work as always Laszlo, congratulations! (Dan Groth)
  • Very Nice Laszlo! What an honor. Marie (Marie Curtis, Curtis Studio)
  • Hi Laszlo, Congratulations! Jim (Jim Kipfer)
  • Congratulations (Amy Walker)
  • These are wonderful Laszlo. Congratulations! (Jamie Ladysh)
  • Laszlo, Congratulations. (Bill Gerrish, Visual Arts Alliance)
  • Laszlo, Congratulations.  Fabulous!  And, thank you for sharing them with us.  (Leslie and John Niemand)
  • Great work.  Congrats! Bill (William Burichka)
  • Hi Dr. Perlaky, That is really cool! Congratulations on the great achievement!!!  And thank you very much for sharing the fantastic arts with me! Best of luck! Sincerely, Xin (Dr. Xin Long)
  • Congratulations Laszlo. (Narinder Sall)
  • Congratulations, Laszlo!  Way to go! Tom (Thomas (Tom) Foster)
  • Hi Laszlo, Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the news and these images. Best, Courtney Coleman, (Manager, Dallas Center for Photography)


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Laszlo and Lexi at JoMar Vision’s “Inner Pulsation” juried exhibition

Twelve images from Laszlo and Lexi were selected to the “Inner Pulsation” juried exhibition at JoMar Vision’s Gallery and Studios. Laszlo’s six images: “Leaf Kaleidoscope”, “Dry out Attack”, “Dirty Yellow Attack” (from the “Leaf Kaleidoscope Portfolio) and “Dried Dance”, Deadly Grip”, “Dried-Leaves Love” (from the “Wabi-Sabi” Portfolio). Lexi’s six images: “Turtle in Gold and Blue”, Ice Reflections”, Fence Reflections”, Rookery Reflection No.1″, “Rookery Reflections No.2”, “Wavy Reflections” selected from her “Reflections” Portfolio. Jurors: Wassily Kandinsky, Joana Esteves and Mark Roden.

The Exhibition will be open on June 17, 2017 from 3 PM to 7 PM at JoMar Visions Studios,5247-5249 Langfield Rd. Houston TX 77040.

Come and see Laszlo’s exhibited images, books and more images in his art bin:


Come and see Lexi’s exhibited images, her books and more images in her art bin:

Lexi_Fence_Reflection_DMa.jpgLexi_Ice_Reflection_d_DMa.jpgLexi_Rookery Reflections_No1_d_DMa.jpgLexi_Rookery Reflections_No2_d_DMa.jpgLexi_Turtle in Gold and Blue_DMa.jpgLexi_Wavy Reflection_DMa.jpg

Comments from e-mails and FaceBook:

  • Laszlo, these are beautiful. WE would LOVE to have you and Lexi!! (Joana Esteves)
  • Congratulations! With such an extensive portfolio you have images for any theme! Marie (Curtis Studio)
  • These are lovely! donna (Donna E. Perkins)
  • I really like the “Fence Reflections” -s (Dr. Stephen M. G. Gottschalk)
  • Congratulations!!! (Dion McInnis)
  • Quite an achievement! Congratulations to you both. We’ll try to stop by the opening. Lane (Lane Gustafson Devereux)
  • Laszlo and Lexi, Congratulations. Great Work. (David Lobato)
  • CONGRATULATIONS.  Hope to make the opening.  Regards, joe (Joe Aker)
  • BIG TIME CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Love them all !! Mike (Mike Marvins)
  • Sok-sok gratulacio az ujabbnal ujabb sikerekhez, amit igazan megerdemeltek elsosorban a tehetsegetekkel, masodsorban pedig azzal a rengeteg munkaval, amit belefektettek. Ezt a magam reszerol mindig csak csodalni tudtam, es drukkoltam a sikeretekert. (Dr. Gyozo Horvath)
  • Thanks for sharing beautiful images Dr. Laszlo. Guru (Sivashankarappa Gurusiddappa)
  • Hi Laszlo, Congratulations on the exhibit. Too bad the showing wasn’t a few days earlier since the DCP staff was in Houston yesterday. Let me see if I can get this worked into our social media calendar before this weekend. Best, Courtney Coleman (Manager, Dallas Center for Photography)
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“Through the Lens” Fine Art Nature Photography with Laszlo at Brazos Bend State Park, TX on May 3, 2017

Eight of us looked for hiding, searching for food or chasing each other birds on June 3, 2017 afternoon at Brazos Bend State Park TX. We met at the Nature Center, then drove together to New Horseshoe Lake Parking. We set up our camera gears there, then slowly walked on West side of Elm Lake Loop and on Spillway Trail to the Observation tower. We enjoyed the outing, the friendly conversations. We took few nice images from Great egret, White ibis, Purple Gallinule, Moorhen, Yellow Crowned Night Heron, Black bellied Whistling Ducks, just name a few. More information about Laszlo’s “Through the Lens” photography hikes: Link

Enjoy few of my images taken during the hike:


We were happy there. These are my wife, Lexi’s selected images:



Comments, from e-mails and Facebook:

  • Great shots from a great day! (Ron Fontenot)
  • Love it! What a day! R (♻️♻️♻️RDSWINFORD♻️♻️♻️)
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Laszlo led his Landscape Photography workshop for HCP at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center

Laszlo led Part 2 of his Landscape photography workshop for Houston Center for Photography (HCP) at Jesse H. Jones Park and Nature Center, (20634 Kenswick Drive, Humble, TX 77338) (link) on May 13th, past Saturday morning. His group met at the Nature Center parking, then they drove together to the Main Parking, then walked to the Cypress tree Boardwalk. They had a good time, took lot of good landscape images from bald cypress trees with reflections and larger landscapes at the River. Part 1 was on May 1st and Part 3 (discussion and critique meeting) was on May 15th at HCP. All participants made nice creative images. The discussion meeting went well and they all were happy to talk about the images.


Enjoy few of my images taken there.

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