Laszlo’s New Year Day Thoughts

Similarly, to the previous years, Year 2017 was a great and successful year for us, even we had some cloudy days. However, Lexi and I still work at the same workplace where we started in Houston 28 years ago. Lexi as a Mohs Histotech, works at DermSurgery Associates and I as a faculty of Baylor College of Medicine, Scientific Director of Research and Tissue Support Services Core, work at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers. Last year, as a contributing author, we published 4 scientific papers and I taught my Medical Students at Baylor through 5 Terms. As a second profession and passion, Lexi and I, are Photographic Artists. We submitted our images to 31 different Competitions during last year, and 15 accepted our works for exhibition and won several awards. Eleven of our images received awards at the Houston Photographic Society’s monthly print competitions, and qualified for the Year End Contest. I continued my “Through the Lens” monthly photography workshops at Brazos Bend State Park TX, presented 18 workshops for the Houston Center for Photography and led 4 critique discussion meetings for the Houston Photographic Study Group. Snapfish printed our new Portfolio desk calendars and we were happy to give those to our Friends and Colleagues. To record our intimate connection to Nature, Lexi used her Nikon DSLR system and I tried to make my images on sheet film with my Linhof and Deardorf large format film cameras.

Now, few words about the cloudy days. Hurricane Harvey caused huge flood in Houston area at end of August. Two hundred thousands of houses flooded and about 1 million residents lost their homes. Our house never flooded before, but this time, the water came into the house, and everything was soaked in 6.5 inches flood water. We were lucky, because the house did not lose electricity, did not get molds and few weeks after we removed the inside walls and hardwood flooring, we were able to dry it out completely. We had flood insurance, we received the restoration permit from the City, and 4 months after the flood, and after more than 1600 hours of own works on the remodeling project, we hope that we will able to complete the restoration at end of January this year. What a nice gift for us for our 65th birthdays in January 2018!

I strongly believe, 2018 will be a great year! We are full with hopes, energy and new plans for the New Year. I am sure your New Year will be good too.

My wife Lexi and I are wishing all of our friends a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year on one of my photographs, taken at Wichita Mountains NWR, Oklahoma.

New Year 2018_LP13276_DMN_sq.jpeg

Notes from FaceBook and e-mails:

  • Thanks Laszlo and Lexi.  What a treat to read and what a great joy that you both are in my life.  May this next year be the best ever for you.  Regards, Joe (Joe Aker)
  • What a great note!  The two of you have certainly been busy this past year…and with a flood thrown in the middle of things!  So glad to hear you’ll be back in your home soon. It’s wonderful that the two of you share the same passion for the medical sciences (I’m a cancer patient so very much appreciate your work there) and photography.  Congratulations on your exhibitions and awards.  I’ve enjoyed seeing your work at Pixels and look forward to viewing more in the months ahead.  I finally took the step and attended a Santa Fe Photographic Workshop on Creating the B&W Digital Master Print a few weeks ago…and it was truly a game-changer for me.  Hopefully you’ll see a few of my images at the next Pixels meeting on Monday. Happy New Year and blessings for 2018! Allen (Allen Bourne)

  • You guys had a busy year. I got tired just reading about it. Happy New Year to you both. Lou (Louis and Emilce Vest)

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Holiday Greetings, Happy New Year!

Holiday Greetings from Laszlo and Lexi to All of You! Wishing you Peace, Joy and Happiness for the Holidays and Success for the New Year! Best, Laszlo and Lexi.

Holidays 2017.jpeg

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Under Texas Skies exhibition at Dunn Gallery, Houston Methodist Hospital, 2017

We have just received the good news from the organizers of the Center for Performing Arts Medicine, that one of Lexi’s submitted images (“Bohemian Waxwings”) were selected to the Healing Arts Exhibition Series, Under Texas Skies exhibition at the Dunn Gallery of the Houston Methodist Hospital and three other submitted images were selected to the decoration of the walls at the new Houston Methodist Tower.

Alexandra_Nemeth_Bohemian Waxwings_Methodist_2017a.jpgAlexandra_Nemeth_Balancing Least Bittern_Methodist_2017a.jpgAlexandra_Nemeth_Blooming Blind Prickly Pear Cactus_Methodist_2017a.jpgAlexandra_Nemeth_Lotus_flower_Methodist_2017a.jpgAlexandra_Nemeth_Sunset Fire_Methodist_2017a.jpg

The exhibition opening, Public reception and Award ceremony was at Dunn Gallery at Houston Methodist Hospital Dunn Tower 2nd Floor Crosswalk on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 from 5 – 6:30 PM. The contest was open for employees, volunteers and physicians from throughout Houston Methodist Hospital system. Forty images out of 656 submitted ones were selected by Caslin-Gregory & Associates Art curators for the exhibition to visually describe the uniqueness that is the state of Texas. Based on several thousands of online viewer votes, Lexi’s “Bohemian Waxwings” image  received an Honorable Mention award. Congratulations Lexi! Great image, you well deserved that Award!

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 3.37.19 PM.pngIMG_1114a.jpgIMG_1123a.jpgIMG_1120a.jpgIMG_1127a.jpgIMG_1111a.jpgIMG_1113a.jpg

Comments from e-mails and  Facebook:

  • Lexi, You are getting better and better! Congratulations! (Dr. Leonard H. Goldberg)
  • Congrats to Lexi.  Regards, Joe (Joe Aker)
  • Meg egyszer nagy gratulacio Lexinek a kephez es a kiallitasi sikernek. (Dr. Horvath Gyozo) 
  • Congratulations Lexi! It is a truly beautiful and colorful image! Best to all. Marie (Marie Curtis, Curtis Studio)
  • Beautiful Images !! Live the birds !! Mike (Mike Marvins)
  • So stunning! Holly (Dr. Holly B. Lyndsay) 
  • Beautiful!! Congratulations Lexi! (Rachel Burychka) 
  • Wonderful, Lexi! Lou 
  • Congrats Lexi! (Donna E. Perkins)
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Thanksgiving 2017

Wishing to all of my Family members, Friends, Colleagues, Website readers, Visitors, Workshop participants a very happy peaceful, blessed Thanksgiving on my  lovely wife’s  free roaming wild turkey image, photographed at Wichita Mts. NWR.


Thanksgiving 2017.jpg

P.S.: Our in progress Hurricane Harvey caused flooded house repair continued on Thanksgiving Day. Our younger son Gergo and his wife Emily, arrived early morning and helped us. Our older son Daniel called us from California and Lexi made fine food to the table. This was our best Thanksgiving ever.


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